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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  May 12, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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us.hank you for joining these are the headlines for you this hour. pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine claimed a landslide victory in sunday's vote for more autonomy. they deny any accusation of voter fraud in the referendum that kiev and the west call a legitimate. last day ofin the its massive six-week election. the opposition leader is seen to be the front router -- front runner for minister. results will not come out for friday. cup one of the 2014 world
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in brazil is now just one month away. projected onto three stadiums set to host the games. for you this hour, one baker here in france comes up with a recipe for making fresh baguettes on demand in a vending machine. campaign forficial the european elections gets underway we will kick off a new daily segment called a tour of europe. the focus today will be portugal. first, pro-russian separatists have declared victory in the referendum into eastern regions of ukraine. the vote has been surrounded
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in confusion both as plan a and which voting took place and even over what people were voting for. the vote was mark of violence as one man was shot dead and another hurt when the ukrainian national guard opened fire on the crowd. meanwhile, the eastern region said that they will not participate in the ukrainian presidential elections that are set for may 25. the main separatist leader was quick to push forward on his victory. he said that the ukrainian army will now be considered illegal and any troops in the region declared occupiers. >> we have a unique situation. for the first time in the history of ukraine we have a people's referendum and we will create the first people's government, coming from the people and working for the people. we are not going to have any dialogue with kiev. a treatise by not -- like not
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human, by killing people. >> in general we feel that ukraine already no longer exists. we are now rebuilding our lives anew. this is the first time in 23 years that the people who have organized this referendum have had the chance to recognize this right to freedom. this is a human right that we have not had for 23 years. >> in the meantime, european foreign ministers are meeting in brussels today. they are expected to discuss the possibility of further sanctions on russia. we are joined now from brussels with more. europe has called this referendum illegal. how has that set the tone for the meeting there today to mark >> it is absolutely the main topic of conversations here in brussels today.
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they are behind closed doors as we speak. they are intimately concerned with the referendums over the dismissalalling for on the 25th of may in the ukraine. william hague, the british prime minister, has stated that these referendums have zero credibility in the eyes of the world. that they bring neither a single standard of objectivity or conduct of properly. that people organized did not intend to reach the standards. the head of the organization for security and cooperation in europe this year to represent his perspective on this crisis and looking for nonviolence. he said that this roadmap was practical and effective and that
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we don't really need to have long discussions as we disagree on the concrete details. a bit of déjà vu here in brussels, it is reflective of the meeting in march after the illegal annexation of crimea. >> thank you for that, reporting there from brussels on that meeting of foreign ministers there today. nigeria, where the islamic militant group has released a new video planning to show some of the missing schoolgirls kidnapped over a month ago. in the video the group's leader says the girls have converted to islam and that they will be released in exchange for prisoners. a very different message from the initial claims on what would happen to the girls a few days ago. douglas herbert explains.
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>> in the first video you basically have the leader of this group standing there, basically threatening to kill all christians, threatening to sell the abducted girls -- they are girls -- in the marketplace, essentially selling them into slavery, saying he will marry a woman the age of 12 and a girl the age of nine. that is the message from the first video. as you can see from the pictures and the second video, as much as a picture can tell right now, it shows all of these girls dressed hed to toe in the he job, claims to have converted them to islam in the video. the area in which they were kidnapped is an area that has a large christian population and he says that these girls have kurt -- converted to islam and he is demanding the release of prisoners, presumably in exchange for the release of these girls. what is new here, what is not? it has been exactly one year since a french family was
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abducted and in that case as well there was a demand for prisoner release. it was never clear whether or not those prisoners were released in exchange. what we can say is that the nigerian government of goodluck jonathan has been seen as incompetent and uncaring in the way they have dealt with this cut -- this crisis. that is the perception of the international community. ways the nigerian government has been accused of not distinguishing between civilians and so-called terrorists in their fight. have gone on what has been reported as murderous campaigns, basically. that could -- that is obviously speculation, but it could play a big role in setting the local populations against the nigerian government. is not the people who sympathize, but they have very little sympathy for the government itself. the question that arises right now is what is in for the nigerian government in the face of this global mobilization to
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get these girls released? girls --ring back our is this going to change the calculus or the equation behind the scenes? we just don't know. we do know that this is a very defiant leader that we see here and he does not appear to read backing down in any way, shape, or form. >> in india now, today is the final day of voting in the massive six-week election there. the national opposition leader is seen to be the front-runner for prime minister. the final results will not come out until friday. jerod hawkins reports. busy seems that this polling station is across the free -- the three final states for voting. 63 million residents are eligible and having their say. >> i voted. i voted for good leader.
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we hope that the winner will work to ensure women's safety and for the development of the country. >> one of the 41 seats being monday, it is a high-profile contest. it is here that narendra mode he finds his seat. the hard-line hindu nationalist is widely expected to win the election. a crisis ofes stagnancy. we need to create momentum. if we can move this, other things will start to move on their own. >> if he wins, it will end 10 years of government by the congress party, shown campaigning here on friday, the leader comes from a long line of distinguished politicians. but the party has lost support, dogged by corruption scandals. theng off against him is
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anticorruption champion. unlikely to win the seat here, he still wants to shake up the election. conclude five weeks of voting in the world's largest democracy. results are to be announced on friday. >> meanwhile, european elections are to be held two weeks from now. officially is now under way in the u.k.. opinion polls say that there is a skeptical independent party that could pull off a national coup by winning the vote in britain. the anti-brussels party will put pressure on the u.k. to remain a party and sever ties with the european union. leader has urged supporters to shake up the british government. >> join the people's army. let's take this opportunity to give the establishment.
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our message is -- we want our money back from europe, we want our borders back, we want our country back. >> game one of the world cup is now exactly one month away. it all starts on june 12, but the building project on three stadiums set to host the game are months behind schedule. catherine takes a look at whether it will all get done in time. >> an array of cranes and diggers, one month away from d-day, and the surroundings are still under construction. accommodate 68,000 supporters, the construction of parking facilities and ramps must still be completed. plug away, day and night erie it shadows hang over the stadium. the building that began in 2011 is running late by a month. for the chief engineer, it is no cause for concern. >> this is the jacuzzi that will be ready in one week.
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all that is ready is to clean up and they can start planning -- playing. >> if they are not being criticized for their lateness, it is for the cost. for example, this cost 30 million euros more than originally but it -- budgeted for. >> the challenge will be to make it profitable. >> despite considerable building works, they are likely to seek without problem's. many are asking if the country will really be ready in time. chanceil lost out on the to pitch rate could image of the country. we started the work in advance compared to other former host countries. it is doomed. we are paying the bill for years of bad decisions. >> the overall price of this world cup is up to 11 billion euros. costs and delays, according to thent surveys, cost
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brazilians the sports minister, who admitted the only thing that will not be late is the match timetable. >> the country that you know and love loves it read, you can find a bakery in every corner and france, but now one frenchman wants to bring that to the world -- he has come up with a way to make a perfect baguette out of a vending machine. calvin owens has more. our daily bread, anywhere, anytime. a baker from eastern france has invented a vending machine that makes and sells fresh baguettes 24 hours per day. a prestigious part of a new invention from the french president. hisbaker is touting success. >> people have called from japan this morning. they have a big problem with humidity affecting their problem -- products.
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the weather there is humid. this vending machine would be a new solution for them. >> each machine costs 65,000 euros. just like any other vending machine, you put in a coin, and inside an oven finishes baking a half cooked baguette. >> the robot takes the baguette from the start and voilà. >> fresh bread in just a few minutes. he has taken the business to the annual consumer products fare in the french capital. crested.nice and great to have fresh bread in the morning. >> i think it is interesting. bring goodll help to quality bread to places where there are no bakeries. >> some of these machines have already been installed in eastern france, paris, and russia, proving there is nothing half-baked about this invention.
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>> another look at the headlines this hour, pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine have claimed a landslide victory in sunday's road for more is -- more autonomy. they are denying accusations of voter fraud that kiev and the west have called illegitimate. voting in the last day of its massive six-week election. hindu nationalist opposition leader is seen as the front-runner, but the final results will not come out before friday. day one of the 2014 world cup in , just one month away, but the building projects on three stadiums set to host the games are still months behind schedule. what now take a look at newspapers and magazines have been saying around the world today. to help us do that, kyle is with us on the set. but start with nigeria and the 200 girls who have been kidnapped.
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it was almost one month ago. sunday the french president said he was willing to host a summit on the groups, but left of center independent is lamenting #activism.all >> there has really been a frenzy of #'s -- bring back our girls. people are jumping on the bandwagon late. one author said that this activism is like lighting candles is a cure for cancer. they have satirized the western reaction, saying it is like a reaction to greece. denial, shock, that kind of thing. this reaction has been characterized by ignorance and wisdom. outrage, followed by the solidarity #. idea is that it is a belated western reaction to compensate
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for initial ignorance. >> interesting take. another big story that has been holding the headlines, ukraine, they promised to help their controversial referendum, some 90% of voters do indeed want more autonomy. >> we may want to take a grain of salt with those figures. the organizers also say that it has yet to be decided whether they will opt for autonomy or to be a part of russia. you can see here the cartoon with a gun coming from either direction, from russia on the one hand, ukraine on the other. pointing really to the propaganda wars that they write about today. they are talking about the prism of the west through which we see the referendum is being chaotic and there being no alternative to the main proposition for succession.
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also, stories of boxes of ballots being carted away to where no one seems to know. lots of independent observers. that is the western picture of the whole thing. on the other hand, and russia they are giving a different take altogether. they see images of organization and an impeccable referendum. they have reported a high turnout and the only casualty that they are broadcasting, according to russian television, were those caused by ukrainian authorities. thisnly ripples in otherwise smooth contest caused by the opposition from kiev. >> very different bit of news, let's look at the bearded lady from austria who actually won the eurovision song contest this weekend. what many see as a victory over intolerance? >> the papers are awash in
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coverage. a lot of people, yes, saying it is a victory for tolerance. especially the telegraph, saying that it points to trends they are seeing in britain as well. for example, transvestite presenting a major bbc television series. eddie izzard is to run for mayor of london. seen as a national treasure now, where he was somewhat not a few years ago. this compared with russia, on the other hand, where there has been obviously sustained theynce against gays. fromed their performance the eurovision contest. this contrast as well in the macho, with vladimir putin riding bare chested on horseback , this is a kind of opening salvo, according to the telegraph, and what they are
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calling a culture war. the guardian, i will go on to the guardian now, christina patterson sees this same kind of event in a slightly different light. thehe sidelines of all celebration, victory over intolerance, she says to beware because a lot of people -- some people were tweeting that this is nonsense. that it is just a bloke and we should get over this. that wasone tweet deleted. basically a sign of the guardian sees as dissent on the sidelines that we are perhaps ignoring. also kind of confusion in the european union in general. eurovision according to the guardian as being seen kind of like europe is in a lot of money is wasted, distant from the people who do not understand what it is, and at the same time much of the confusion can translate into anger. the guardian says that in two
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weeks that kind of be will might leadonfusion to a protest vote in the upcoming election, namely for the far right parties. >> something to keep an eye on. thank you so much, that look at what is happening in the papers today. time now for sports, including a look at the massive cities big win in the english are merely. >> clinching the english premier league title on the final day of the season, they need to draw on the trophy for the second time in three seasons, the company , with in a two nil win liverpool being denied to newcastle. >> within a few moments of doing when one of them walked in we played the first six games away.
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it was many points for a team that wanted to win the title. i don't think we deserve to lose those points. we second moment was after played the inconceivable game, losing 3-2. but there was never a hand in winning the title. >> madrid and barcelona will weekend,he league next the front runners broke through next sunday to set up the dramatic finish, close to securing their first title in 18 years on sunday. roughly on the dell defended his retirement amid smacks -- back
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spasms, giving the world the number one in the first set. before they showed signs of discomfort at the start of the third. in northern france they have successfully defended the four days of dunkirk title. it was a 177, to run, making the break, giving the escapades to the solo with 20 k remaining. he has been reeled in by his fellow breakaways 10 kilometers before the finish. breaking free at the front, they began their cat and mouse fight for this stage of the wind. the euro car -- europe car rider had the final word.
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>> producing back-to-back victories on sunday, stage three and him lead, the german rider hit the sprint swift in the toish, finishing the pack receive his rest day as the riders had back. bruce hamilton celebrated a double victory in spain, his fourth straight formula one success. britain led from start to finish and barcelona by 6/10 of one second. open, a french golfer has won her first event on the tour. poor weather restricted the event three rounds on the eighth, putting her in contention.
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hole,t birdie on the 16th five under par, two shots behind, the 26 ruled from paris hitting three under, 70 on the last day, with five straight coming home. ending ongg99ññwçça7guc
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